Hungarian CHAMOMILE Oil 10 20 30 ml

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Chamomile essential oil is extracted via steam distillation of the inflorescences (flowers). However, if oil with high β-farnesene concentration is desirable, then chamomile flowers should be distilled for 30 min. Distillation time can be used as a modifier of chamomile essential oil yield and composition. Ingredients: The main chemical components of Roman chamomile oils are a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, 1,8-cineole, y-terpinene, caryophyllene, and propyl angelate and butyl angelate. The main constituents of chamomile oil are chamazulene, a-bisabolol, bisabolol oxide A, bisabolol oxide B and bisabolone oxide A. Application: Caution: Keep At Cool Place To Enhance The Appearance Of Skin. Do Not Ingest. If Irritation Occurs, Don’t Use. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Pregnant, Nursing Women’s Contact Health Professional before Its Use. DIRECTION • Fights Anxiety and Depression • Serves as a Natural Allergy Reliever • Helps Alleviate PMS Symptoms • Reduces Symptoms of Insomnia • Boosts Skin Health • Supports Digestive Health • Promotes Heart Health • May Relieve Arthritic Pain • Gentle Enough for Children • Displays Anticancer Activity • Benefits Of Chamomile Oil For Skin • Good For Acne And Eczema: • Eases Skin Rashes And Scarring: • Makes Skin Young, Moisturized And Blemish-Free: • Benefits Of Chamomile Oil For Hair • Enriches Your Hair Color And Radiance: • Natural Anti-dandruff Agent: • Moisturizes And Softens Hair: • Chamomile Oil Benefits For Health • Natural Antidepressant: • Analgesic: • Antidote For Stomach Disorders: • Good For Central Nervous System: • Helpful For Sciatica And Painful Conditions: • Helps Babies To Sleep: • Beneficial For Women: • Keeps Kidneys And Urinary Tract Clean: • Safeguards From Cardiovascular Conditions:

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