CANADA WORK PERMIT with LMIA -100% Real Hiring - Interview in Islambad

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کینیڈا ورک پرمٹ - NO Done Base Services خرچہ پوچہنے کے بجاۓ، پہلے پورا ایڈ پڑہیں 99٪ ویزا ریشو انگریزی میں انٹرویو دینے کی اہلیت لازمی ہے جن کے پاس اپنی بینک اسٹیٹمینٹ وہی اپلائی کریں کاغذات کے ساتھ اپلائی کرنے والوں کو ہی جواب دیا جاۓ گا - 100% guaranteed Employment - Interview in Islamabad by Canadian recruiters / panel lawyers - Must be Experienced in relevant field with proper documentation, diplomas, degrees etc - Salary: 2200 to 3500 CA$ - Hourly wage rate: 13$ to 17$, for Technical persons it's 16$ to 22$ or 25$+ - Duty time; 8-10 hours, 40 hours a week - Other facilities provided - Contract duration; 1, 2, or 3 years - Job interview & selection: 2-3 weeks - LMIA Approval: 3 months > Canada WORK PERMITS Available in These TRADES -Baker -Dairy Farm Supervisor -Cook / Chef -Cook assistant, NOC 6711 -Sous Chef -Food Service Supervisor -Food processing -Kitchen Helpers -Front Desk Clerks -Specialized Cleaners -Fish Cutters -Fish Plant Laborers -Commercial cleaner -Light duty cleaners, NOC 6731 -Truck Driver, NOC 7511 -Truck Mechanics -Truck Washers -Heavy Equipment Mechanics -Cabinetmaker -Plaster, Drywall installer & Finisher -Asphalt Raker -Roofer Helpers -Fire Sprinkler Pipe Fitter -Locksmith NOC 7384 -Loggin Machinery Operator NOC 8241 -Shain Saw & Skider Operator, NOC 8421 -- > Terms & Conditions: - No Pay after terms acceptable - Payments Upfront & In between the process - Written Agreement is signed before the start - Only highly serious applicants > How to Apply: - Apply with Scanned docs ( Passport, CNIC, Edu docs, work experience letters, CV) - Once assessment carried out, we'll invite you to have a one on one meeting with senior director / immigration / HR Executive + - o. easyvisa(dot)pak(at)gmail(dot)com EVICS Pakistan, Islamabad ( Licensed Immigration Solicitors & HR Specialist Firm)

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