Mi Body Composition Scale 2

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After the Xiaomi Mi Scale, Xiaomi has already launched the second smart scale, the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2. It promises some new features and should complete the Xiaomi fitness monitoring package, from fitness trackers / smartwatches and more recently also smart shoes. Let’s see if the scale represents a useful supplement to Mi Band 2 and if it fulfills its purpose. Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 design Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 at AliExpress for $43.99 | Amazon for $74.99 Features Determined (10 in 1 test) App support Bluetooth 4.0 | MiFit app (German / English) for Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 or higher Dimensions 30 x 30 x 2cm (with feet) Material Housing: ABS plastic | Electrodes: 304L stainless steel electrodes Measurement data 5-150kg measuring range; To 50g Precise | Measurement by bioimpedance method Operating temperature 0-40° C Battery 4xAAA batteries Delivery Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 | Batteries not included! | Short introduction in Chinese The first impression: delivery, packaging and material The white, 2.2kg heavy, Mi typical package, with dimensions of 45 x 55 x 6.1cm, includes the promised SmartScale and a Chinese short guide only. This means that the batteries have to be provided by yourself which is not a problem with the required 4xAAA batteries. The battery compartment is located as expected on the bottom. In addition, it does not play a big role that no comprehensible instructions is attached, because the MiFit app takes this job – but more about that later. Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 packaging Simple white package, no big surprises included. Now, to the scale itself. It makes a heavy and very stable impression. It is more surprising how thin the new Xiaomi scale is – just 14.75 mm thin with an area of 30 x 30 cm. The underside, as well as the surface, are made of plastic and are very cleanly processed. The design is simple like everybody wants to have it for smart home products. The balance is completely white, apart from the four surface-mounted 304L stainless steel electrodes. In addition, the four edges are evenly rounded. Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 battery com The compartment for the four AAA batteries, which are not supplied, is located on the underside. This is also processed clean. MiFit App & Functionality Getting Started Now to the most important part of the Smart scale, the app. Because without a functioning app the promised functions are completely gone and you would end up with only a nice but expensive digital scale there. The Mi Fit app which is also available for other fitness products from Xiaomi, is fortunately available for both Android (4.4+) and iOS (8.0+). Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 Mi Fit App A few screenshots from the Android app: Links the 10 in 1 test overview, center the devices overview. After you have downloaded and installed the app, you have to register by e-mail or telephone number, then you can start. As a basic data you should enter your year of birth and size, because the app needs these dates to calculate later values ​​like the BMI. It could be that the weight & length units are initially in Chinese (Jin) but they can easily be changed under Profile -> Settings -> Units. To connect your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to the SmartScale, you have to maneuver through the app, through Profile -> My devices -> Mi body fat control. Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 display Despite white on white, the display is easily readable, in reality even better than on the photo. Now simply follow the app’s instructions to put itself on the balance and the connection is created by itself. The measurement starts immediately: the weight is displayed immediately on the app as well as on the LED display. The remaining values ​​take about 5 seconds until they are available on the smartphone. It is also interesting for families and flat-sharing community vecause you can create up to 16 profiles in the app on which the data are stored separate.

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