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We are first local brand that’s won our country best achievement award in 2013 Only we provide third party certification of our product and installation in Pakistan by SGS Etc. After lot of business success, in August/2019 we plan product and sale Mini home passengers and industrial cargo lifts run by hydraulic system for senior citizens, disable persons also for small cargo handling in small industries. Hope you find product at us as per your requirement, in case you need more help for better understanding of specifications and cost, contact with me. Senior Executive Officer. Pakistan Elevator. Product information Mini lifts are an amazing, innovative, and economic line of ultra-compact lifts. Specially designed for the day-to-day use in two-floor houses or small industries. It is perfect for seniors and general passengers, wheelchair users, pets, loads, and anyone with special locomotion needs. Mini lifts are fit for lifts one or two passengers to 1100/KGs 14/Passenger and 180 to 3100/KGs cargo lifts, depending on the selected model. The platforms and cabins are available in many type, Mini lifts not demand the use of towers (shafts) or even side columns, and they keep the space free when the cabin is parked on the other floor, meaning that people can freely pass under or over the lift. If necessary, it can even be installed in a corridor without blocking the way. Models Mini lifts P. Mean Passengers and C. Mean Cargo are a special line of ultra-compact elevators for transporting passengers, pets, elderly, wheelchair users, small loads, overweight people and anyone with special locomotion needs. Therefore, the cabin may remain parked on the upper or lower floor, allowing the possible movement of people and objects on the opposite floor. This is possible due to a protection steel cover that automatically closes the opening on the top floor when the cabin is on the ground floor, allowing people to walk over this cover. Main Features Easy Installation: They do not require great amounts of work or demolitions. They’re fixed directly to the wall and pass through a single opening made in the existing upper floor. Economic and Elegant: Economic and elegant, they have the exact functions to carry out a safe and comfortable transportation between two floors and at the most affordable price in the market, especially when compared to conventional lifts. Very Fast Installation: The installation time is very fast, usually being carried out in short time, if the site is fully prepared according to previous instructions. In the Pas. And Car. Models. Very Silent: The hydraulic lifting system consists of a very silent. Very Compact: The equipment dimensions are compact, no need any overhead and machine room. Energy Saving: Mini Small Hydraulic Lifts,lift for home, Low cost Mini Small Hydraulic Lifts by Pakistan Elevator for home, Bungalow, Vella, House, Factory, Mills, Industry, Bushiness, installation, testing, commissioning, Service, after sale service Company introduction Pakistan Elevator was founded in 2004, since the start day the team activity was focused on the development and production of equipment for the vertical transportation area by the use of new technologies. A choice guided on intensively applying the concept of innovation in an area that was technologically outdated. Let’s check our fact sheet since 2004 to August 31/2019 • Our installed 3/units of passenger elevator are facing Pakistan’s highest people flow in Uni Center Karachi, since 2012, the start day of project. • Overall multinational client in quantities 100+ • Overall countrywide project in quantities 154+ • Overall installation record as Pakistan heights cargo elevator installation at Attock Cement Mill. Hub Baluchistan, height in meter 110+ • Overall one unit handle by us at Ibrahim Fiber Limited, Shahkot, in metric tons 170+ • Overall working elevator are as countrywide in quantities 223+ • Overall all elevators can take load at ones time in metric tons 320+ • Overall all safe working hours since first day to August 31/2019

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  • Price 600000
  • Location Landhi 1 Karachi
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